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APRIL, the only month that is making me old. 
Heya, it's my birthday month! I'm stating 18 wishes for April, since this will be my 18th bitthday.
A new BOOK, yep a book, not chapter not page but a BOOK, because I am already entering the adult world. "ADULT" sounds pretty heavy uh, I'm still not quiet sure if I'm ready for it, I mean c'mon who wants to grow old? I just want to stay forever young.

MY WISHES, I don't need my own Genie in the bottle to actually make things happen. I WILL MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. I will make all my wishes come true. 

1. I wish to have a second chance to meet someone again for the first time.
Yep, first on my list! It's something that i want to clear things out, i might not finish this, this month but i know someday it will happen.

2. To make my promise to be a better person to lead the following months and to fulfill my promise to my Dad.
Something I really want for a long time now.

3.) To have good grades!
It's my last term of being a 2nd year college.

4.) Extra Happiness. 
Since I am happy right now, i want EXTRA more. 

5.) I want to feel better, I want to feel  NO pain.
I know that I can't wish for this to happen but, I just don't want pain anymore..

6.) Dare myself each day to be a blessing to someone.
Like giving alms, and anything... Simple things like that.

7.) To be more closer to GOD.
We need him more than anything in life! 

8.) No more HEART BREAKS.
It's painful you know..

9.) Good Health!
Be healthy as always!

10.) To have MORE quality time with my family.
It's the best feeling ever!

11.) To get that one thing.
I don't really know what is it, but for sure it's really waiting for me. 

12.) To have a successful blogging career.
Well, this is not actually my first time to blog, i came from tumblr, I just moved it. I found blogger much interesting and easy.

13.) New found friends.
What i mean is be more EXTRA EXTRA friendly.

14.) To be more Adventurous
Not just this month but for everyday.

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I'll be posting my photo challenge here also. 

So here's my Challenge!!

16.) To have an AMAZING 18th birthday! 
I'm already entering a new world! I should have an Amazing 18th!

17.) To have an amazing Month!
It feels like it's really coming my way, I know it's just the first day of the month but I'm already feeling the vibe!

18.) To have all my wishes come true!

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