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Most items featured are purchased with my own money. Any items sent to me by a PR company or Stores/shops will be clearly explained as sponsored post. I will only accept items hat fit the style of my blog and something I would like to purchase and  I will always give my honest opinion in any review I write. 

Affiliate Ads + Links
I am a Affliate Marketing at Lazada PH and Zalora  PH to generate some extra income to help with how much time and money goes into running my blog. 

This blog earns revenue through Nuffnang PH. Besides that, I also offer display advertisement on x-deals / paid. Also, some other Sponsorships. 

All content is written by me, unless otherwise stated us press release of a PR Company. I am not paid to write any sort of feature or review for my own purchased product. 

All images are photographed by me unless otherwise stated, in which case along with the press release of a PR Company. I don't mind you sharing my photos on your own use, but you must give me and my blog a FULL CREDIT.

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