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Hi Readers! I'm Franchesca Audrey de Mesa. 3rd year College Lasallian - Benildean taking up BS- Industrial Design, Loves PINK. An Amateur photographer, Philanthropist and a hopeless romantic.

This blog is about my Daily living such as travels, feelings (and i can also give advices if ever!), Fashion Blog and my works such as DIY (Do it Yourself), Photography & Industrial Design related.

Since I'm turning 18. I decided to move into blogspot, and leave my tumblr blog on idle... Since my Tumblr blog is so dark and full of unwated memories....This is a blog about the daily dose of my life. Its better to let things out then hole them in. I decided to make this blog as positive as it can be!!

I've been here before, with several different blogs. I keep starting over. But that's okay, as people we have to star over many different times in our lives with lots of different things!

Still Under Construction! Thank you!!

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