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3rd Week of my Photo a Day Challenge!
April 15 - 21, 2013
Iphone4 Pictures only, Instagram Filters!
For daily update of my challenge follow me on Instagram: chescademesa

15. Inside my wallet

It's not really a "wallet" its my coin purse, but yeah, THE USUALS! 
My ID's blue forms and money!

16. I bumped into..

My blockmates!! Uhh i really missed them!

17. My face

Eyebags, forgive me I'm an Industrial Design Student. 
And it's my Hell week!

18. My friends

Since today's thursday, it's cheat day today! a Throwback photo for my
challenge today! I'm sorry! I didn't get to take a picture with
my friends cos i was so hella busy...

19. What's indide my bag

My Make up kit & my Pencil case! ALWAYS!

20. Black and white picture of me

Today, i will be celebrating my 1st celebration for my 18th birthday! 
Stay tuned for my photo diary of my 1st celebration! :)

21. My family

Dad, Mom, Bluey, Red & Neo

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