four / eighteen

3:18 PM

Fourth Celebration with my Family again!! 
How i love celebrating my birthday with them!


The movie had some fun twists and turns, it was very fun and exciting! The whole movie was a roller coaster ride, yet also engaging unlike iron man2 or the transformers movie (well I really don't like Transformers so yeah.) 
For those who haven't watch Iron Man 3 don't be a loser, GET UP and watch Iron Man 3!!
 It is Highly enjoyable. Seriously. 

So we went to this toy store and look what i found!!  Iron Man Mask!!!

Conqured the long line at ATC - Cinema for IronMan3!

Have a break! Have a Kitkat!
but yeah, they're giving away free KitKat's!!

What's a movie without chips?? 
Should I say goodbye Popcorn & Hello Chips? 

Finally bought myself a new pair of Keds!!!!

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