Frolic in ZOObic

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Last Saturday, May 11, 2013. I went to Zoobic together with my Mom & bother, It was my mom's company outing but it doesn't look like one cos we barely got to bond with some of the employees.  I am never gonna be a fan of some wildlife / crazy faces animals but i will surely enjoy seeing & taking pictures of them. IT WAS ALL FUN & AMAZING. 

So here's what i wore on our Subic Trip! 
Mix n match branded & not branded outfit!!

Am i crazy for wearing jeggings on a summer? I actually wanted to wear one cos of the heat, because I'm scared i might have this what you called "Two toned skin color" To sum it up, I just don't want to get dark! 

Tired of wearing loose tops? TIE IT UP! Any knot of your choice will do! Just be creative enough. :)

            • Black Tank Top - +GAP MAYFAIR 
            • Pink Off shoulder - Bazaar
            • Powder Blue Jeggings - Bazaar
            • Shades - Fly
            • Hand Carry Bag - +Lacoste 
            • Sneakers - Keds

Some pictures from the trip!

LION & the TIGER. I forgot their names but it was so cute!!  I conquered them both! I was so scared at first because I get to sit on that side... but they were kinda nice, except their saliva tryin' to stick on my body.... not good. But still, they were too smart!


This two lovely love birds!! Pepito & Pepita (I named it myself hehe. We're that close already!)

Wildlife, Lion (Pedro).... 

Eagle (Wiggle). I loved his eyes! It was so round & big, But his kinda taray in our picture... 

Camel (Carmela). I wanted to be close to her but she wanted to kiss me.... eeeh.

Scary animals with their crazy poses!
It's weird knowing that they're alive but they don't move....

The Green snake that was named RED.. for real.

A "ME TIME" Archery + Henna! (Finally got my dream inked cross on my body, FOR AWHILE. :( )

Some landscape photo's I took, on the way home! Gotta love Pampanga!

With my mom's officemate, my brother & my Mom!
Thank you for making this day extra special! 


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