UNITE 2014

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UNITE 2014!

A De La Salle - College of St. Benilde's Silver Anniversary Closing Party and a welcoming party for ID 114 last June 6, 2014 held at World Trade Center!! 

At first I've been having second thoughts if I should attend this year's frosh party cause I have  tons of projects to do + an 8 am class the next day but hey! nothing can stop me from  watching Bamboo live!!!!!!!!  I swear to god! I'd rather go drool over BAMBOO over DJ CALLUM. Hahaha Sorry, but it's Bamboo. 

What's a concert without front ups?
 A light show by (I don't know who did it but he's so awesome!)  I felt like I've been hypnotized for about 20 minutes. This dude is so good! Don't forget our very own St. Benilde Romancion Dance Company, Omg these guys are so hot and I'm totally getting kilig with every move they do!! I'll always have a thing with guys who dance!

Finally! Totally hanged out and sang together with bamboo for about 2 hours! I took advantage of having friends from the organizers so I got a pass inside the audience's railings! Every scream and raving are so worth it! I can't believe bamboo's infront of me! I can't even contain myself for being such a fan girl. I really love him, I swear to God! 

and for the last shot, the International Model and DJ, Callum David! 

Who can have a night filled up with good friends and good music for only 200 pesos? Only Taft people can! Again, I want to thank UNITE 2014 Organizers and staffs for a Job well done! You really made every Lasallians stress-less that night! 


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