Volkswagen... To be a car designer

8:18 AM

The Benildean Industrial Designers (BInD) had their another successful event. They invited Simon Loasby, clearly the  Director of Design in Volkswagen Group China. Honestly, I'm not really into Car design, I don't even know Simon Loasby existed till I saw the poster. I got overwhelmed and searched him up on google and yeah I was pretty much amazed with everything about him. 

I feel so inspired with everything after his amazing talk, he clearly said everything in the best way he can. I also remember this Architecture student asked him "If someone wants to be a car designer, Do they call you or you'll be the one to call them?" and he answered "THEY WILL NEVER CALL YOU." and yeah, I just realized that no matter how good you are, things will never go your way. I think what he's trying to say is don't settle for anything less and that everything is a once in a lifetime experience so go out there, knock on someone else's door and make a history! 

I can't believe that he is standing and sketching literally in front of me for about 5 minutes. I was just asking for his 'autograph' but he insisted to draw on my sketch pad so who am I to say no? I'm super gonna go for that shot! Since it's only his second time to visit the country after 20 years who know when will he be here again right? and also, "selfie" would be necessary. 

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