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I'd like to cordially invite you all to the grand celebration of its launch on the 22nd of April! 
I'm finally leaving the teen life but I still act like one. haha! I just can't accept the fact that I am now TWENTY... like okay It's super big deal to me since I am about to face adulthood challenges, like being so broke, having no allowance since I'm leaving college, also having to go to work every single day. Commuting & all. hahaha 

Anyway so yeah, here's my birthday surprise!! SURPRISE!! I am hosting my first ever birthday giveaway as a way of thanking my dear followers and readers and of course to my sponsors for the support and love even though I don't blog that much because of my school work, but hey I always try my best!! 

I have 20 sponsors, means, Amazing Prizes, and more than one winner each sponsor!!!
 I will be releasing my first giveaway on my BIRTHDAY! So better stay tuned! 
Don't forget to get ready with you battle gears, (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) account!

Super excited for this!! To all those who have been supporting and reading CDMWEARS, Thank you so much! Good luck with the upcoming giveaways! 

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