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Hello! I will be posting atleast 8 giveaways for today since these giveaways are taking forever and my school started already I have to kinda focus on it first! hihi 

Anyway here you go girlies!! BDJ 2015 PLANNER is now up!! I know it's already kinda in the middle of the year but hey who doesn't love BDJ Planner at anytime of the year right? They've got cool freebies and ofcourse a very spacious planner. 

I've always been a fan of a BDJ Planner since I was in High School. Take note, I don't plan anything there, I just make it my everyday Diary. HAHA! I'm not a fan of planning everything up cause spontaneous trips are the best! except for work & school purposes duuuh! When I got in College, I overgrew this planner and lately I've realized what I've been missing, Imagine for only 598 Pesos you'll get over a 40,000 freebies by just using their coupons. How cool is that right?  
Here, for those who doesn't know what a BDJ Planner looks like I'll give you guys a peak! 

need I say more? the photos says it all! 
Enjoy your BDJ Planner!

Where to find them? 


#168 Baron’s Place, A. Mabini Street, Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan.
Our office hours is from 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

Instagram: @bdjbuzz
Twitter: @bdjbuzz

1. This giveaway is strictly for Philippine Residents Only
2. Giveaway instagram/twitter account is not counted, you should use your personal account in joining.
3. Make sure your accounts are public.
4. Ofcourse, make sure to follow the mechanics given to quality


Giveaway Starts: May 16, 11AM
Giveaway Ends: May 24, 12AM

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  1. Been reading/ hearing abt this planner For months now. Even favorited them in twitter so i can get their updates from time to time. Really curious abt what's with the planner and why everybody go gaga abt it. So... im joining.. hehe♥

  2. Joined���� I hope I win☺ thanks.

  3. Really love to win a bdj planner💕 thanks ms.chesca for this chance☺ i hope to be one of the lucky winners.

  4. Hi Ms. Chesca! I would definitely love to win a BDJ planner and attend one of their events! :) Yay! Thanks!

  5. waaah! Hoping to be one of the lucky 10 winners :)


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