20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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There's always a small unrevealed side of myself that I have yet to share and that is,
 I DON'T REALLY LIKE WEARING CORSETS! Hahahaha. Yes, seriously this is actually my first time wearing corsets. It's too girly and kinda revealing. lol. I'd rather wear cropped tops and short shorts than this. But hey, This dress is really comfortable! 

Students in my school usually see me wearing boyish clothes. Especially during midterms and finals week, seriously got no time to dress up with all the stress surrounding me. 

In this post, I planned to list down the things I want you guys to know about me. This is actually quite interesting yet very hard to list down. 

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I thought it is nice that we start by getting to know some of your favorite bloggers and each other much more personally so I am tagging my bloggers friends to do the same as I did.

1. Let's start with my height, I know I look tall in my pictures but trust me I I'm short! I stand 5'2 1/2 HA! that 1/2 kinda useful. My boyfriend is actually a foot taller than me. That I had to tiptoe when kissing him ugh!

2. I have two biggest blog related pet peeve, First is that having to "sign in" to comment to someone else's blog! It's very inconvenient. Second, I don't like bloggers who uses the "perks of being a blogger" 

3. My non-blog related pet peeve, is when someone only talks about themselves. 

4. My current favorite song is Compromise by ofcourse, My boyfriend! 

5. My favorite way to spend my free time when I'm alone is reading books. Yes, I am back to reading and I can't stop! It actually makes me so depressed whenever I get to finished the books I've bought in a week or two. 

6. My favourite junk food are Nova, Cheetos & Doritos. Yes. Yumm 

7. We have a pet Dog, Cat and Fish and they're named after it. 

8. When it comes to design I like the combination of rustic and a touch of pastel Colors. 

9. I like working with woods. Yes A fashion blogger who likes carpentry lol. Ironic. 

10. I don't often use curling iron / steam iron. Blower is okay to straighten and curl my hair. Plus it's safer! I love my hair okay, even if I color it once a month the most. 

11. If I could only drink one beverage (beside water) for the rest of my life, I'd take Iced Tea!

12. My all time favorite Disney Movie is The Little Mermaid. 

13. I was once part of a Science Club in High School. I didn't know how did I get in the club. 

14. I enjoy cheerleading so bad.  *singingggggg* *Oh I think I found myself a cheerleader*

15. I was part of a Girl band back in High School. Wooo! We won 3rd place over 20 participants. Guess what, I did the Bass. - and I only know 6 songs, that I don't know how to play it now.  

16. I am such a terrible singer. It's okay my boyfriend can cover it all! 

17. If I could live anywhere in the world, I'll live in NYC or a private Island in Maldives. 

18.  I enjoy wearing pants, T-shirts, & Sneakers It's so comfy!

19.  I don't wear flat sandals, I don't know. My feet feels so unprotected. HA! weird. 

20.  I enjoy Business Management & Marketing. Geek. 


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