Pamper Date: Styles Studio Salon and Spa Review

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It's not just an ordinary date. 
It's Spa date with the boyfriend.

I seriously don't trust people when it comes to fixing my hair. It's been a long time since I had my hair fixed in a different salon with a different stylist and somewhere from north! 
Earlier this June, Gabriel and l had our Pamper Date in Styles Studio Salon and Spa right after my Birthday Giveaway since they are one of my generous sponsors. 

Their salon might be small but It has nice interior plus it smells so good, not just that typical salon smell.

Having nail polish is kinda my thing. Since I'm done with the Industrial Design Related "Carpintera" hits work means I can have 'arte' in my body already. When it comes to nail polish, I changes my every week since it chips after a day or two. I also like changing it to colors to express myself wether I'm happy or sad or feeling so fierce or whatsoever. I didn't know that there were other types of nail polish, I just know brands. When I visited Styles Studio, they introduced me to Gel Nail Polish, It sounds funny and childish but trust me it can last for a month! It's been 3 weeks and I haven't changed my Gel Nail Polish. Yes my nails grows but since my Polish is pastel pink it kinda camouflages wit my nails. 

I had a Gel Mani and Pedi Nail Polish for my birthday treat!!
There are a lot of colors to choose from which clearly took me 30 minutes to choose. 

 But not just that! I also decided to have my hair color plus a trim since my short hair is getting long. HAHA! I am seriously not planning to grow them any longer

My boyfriend said he's dating his 11 year old girlfriend. HAHA!

Oh no tired eyes. I decided to color my hair medium blonde. It's actually my first time to have all light brown hair. It's usually in ombre or in a shade of red.

TA DAH!!! Excuse my eye bags & super tired eyes


 As Chesca's boyfriend, i go with her to  almost all her events and "pamper trips" such as this one. Although, this time i didn't just watch, i actually joined her.

It really wasn't a big deal for me to be with her for this trip because i live very near banawe. Luckily, Banawe is a known hotspot for foodies and it is teaming with restaurants of all kinds.Plus, the staff was kind enough to allow us to bring food in the salon so that we wouldn't have to enjoy their services on an empty stomach.

Ventosa massage,  and Anti-dandruff hot oil treatment:

First off was the hot-oil treatment i had done for my hair. Ofcourse, they started with the usual shampooing and conditioning of the hair to make sure it is clean and soft for the procedure. Dirt may affect the oil so they had to keep it clean. They used mentholated oil to soothen the scalp and give it a fresh feeling after being washed off. I had to keep it on for around 30 minutes for it to have the best effect.

I also had their Premium facial with Mask

The cleaning was fast and painless for me. It was very easy on the skin and it did not irritate the skin on my face. This was basically your regular whitehead/blackhead removal complete with the steamer to open the pores and a facial mask + laser to close the pores after the removal is over. Lastly, disinfectant is applied to the face to avoid bacterial infection.

After it was washed off i went straight up to the massage room where i changed into the massage attire they had prepped up for me. It started with a full body massage to remove the stress points in my muscles which were concentrated on my upper back. Then the heated ventosa cups were put on my back and were left there until the whole massage was over.

Although the ventosa cups made a red mark that lasted for a week, i enjoyed my experience at Style Studio with Chesca and i will definitely be going back. 

We spent 2,400 something and ofcourse minus our voucher, we only paid a 1,200 for all!

If you want to have one, Visit
I heard she's giving away 500 Vouchers to 100 winners! Stay tuned

Here are the list of their services & Promos

Photo Source: Styles Studio Salon and Spa Facebook Page

Photo Source: Styles Studio Salon and Spa Facebook Page

Styles Studion Salon and Spa is located in Antonia Mansion #690 Banawe St. Brgy. Siena, Quezon City, Philippines. Just in front of North Park Restaurant

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