How's Seafood in a bucket sounds like?

9:29 PM

Hey South Peeps, especially BF Homes people. There's a new bucket place in Aguirre! 
For those who love seafood, a good cold beer, grilled tuna, beef, etc etc SEAFOOD IN A BUCKET is the best place to be!

Later in June, me and Gabriel went on our usual saturday night date, (which apparently was stopped  this month since THESIS & WORK ). To add on to that, we planned on bucket list-ing all the restaurants here in BF Homes... we've done 5 out of 92472747294294 so far. HAHAHA we usually ends up eating in the same place, like The Burgery, C'mon their burgers are amazeballs. Also, Calda Pizza, It's pretty cheap and their Margherita Pizza is mouthwatering. - I am seriously not over acting stuff here. lol. 

So anyway back to this seafood in a bucket, which I may add not only having juicy dishes but has nice interiors & great service! While waiting for our order, I kept roaming around in the rooftop area while Gabriel was just right there sitting and laughing at me. - I was so amazed with what they've done with the interior it's so rustic and i love rustic so much. I am in love with woods! Okay so, forget about my love for woods, while we were waiting they served us "kropek"  with vinegar, omg the vinegar it's actually not that 'asim' - to exaggerate how I hate pure vinegar. HAHA. 

We ordered Alternative Combo Bucket - Electric Crab that consists of 1 Grab, 150g Prawns, 150 grams Clams, Potatos, Carrots, Sweet corn and sausages for  with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce - 699 only.  A crab meat fried rice -  99 per serving. I also tried their Strawberry Shake, which is sweet and it's how I like my shakes would always be. 

They also have acoustic performances from weekdays - weekends, how cool is that? 

For more information

OPEN HOURS: From Monday - Sunday 11am - 2am
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @seafoodbucketpinas

Address: #317 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City

They also accept catering in all occasions & Franchising:
Landline: 02 883 5082

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