5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

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How can you even boost your immunity during the holidays? 
It's the ultimate seasonal gain weight! 

With all the stress planning of Christmas parties, get together  and so much in between can lead you to stress eating, like having Fruit Salads, Seafood, Pasta, Soft drinks, CAKES, CUPCAKES and many many more, oh wait... I am forgeting LECHON. Did you know that holiday can affect not more than just your waistline but it can also take a toll on your immune system.

I read an article that says "your immune system is all protein. Without the protein, the immune system is depressed" - "If that immune system is not working right, then you're more likely to get a virus or a bacterial infection. " 

with this here are 5 tips to boost your immunity

- having to  prepare all the christmas shopping, gift wrapping, food tasting, baking and other christmas must to do stuff. We all know the holiday is an exciting time of the year! We spend our everyday life going to places we've never been, visiting relatives and other all. 
Rest will be your number bestfriend in keeping your immune system strong enough to attend all your planned events, and it does make sure to fight off illness so make sure you get a lot of sleep!

They say laughter is the best medicine. Laughing has  a short term effect to improve your mood, when you always have good mood it has a long term effect to improve your immune system!  "Positive thinking helps releases neuropeptides, which help prevent stress and more serious illnesses" Mayo Clinic Says. 

C'mon? It's a holiday season! we give and take! 

Softdrinks, Shakes, Juices and many more are the IN this holidays! Always make sure you still drink that 8 glasses of  water per day to replenish your body with all these acids. The water helps to flash out harmful toxins in your body. By keeping your body well-Hydrated you can make sure to fight with all these viruses and winter colds! 

-This often one of the first things people do neglect nowadays. With all these social media news coming out and go you want to be on the spot updated with it! Also, some of you people are so busy that you have no time doing some stretching. Also you are such a stressfull work-a-holic person that it makes you lie down to your bed right when you get home. Always remember that exercise makes the immune system more vigilant and active it is also a way of increasing oxygen within your body. The more oxygen the better the body runs. 

Just a quick tip: If you have literally no time, taking a stairs till the 3rd to 5th floor won't hurt! Walking your way during lunch will help too!

Did you know that FERN-C is the ultimate IMMUNE STYSTEM BOOSTER? A potent anti-oxidant that increases your body resistance fight against the infectious diseases. 
Did you know that Sodium Ascorbate is also used as food additive. When it comes to dietary suuplement, sodium ascorbate is an antioxidant similar to ascorbic acid. These two has a Vitamin C deficiency to prevent scurvy. These supplements tend to increase your body resistant to viruses and stress.  

Know more about Sodium Ascorbate differs to Ascorbic Acid:
Sodium Ascorbate contains ascorbic acid in combination with sodium. What makes sodium ascorbate special is that its alkaline content that counter balances the acidity of ascorbic acid. Sodium Ascorbate is usually in Capsule form that dissolves faster than ascorbic acid which is generally a tablet or syrup type. Also, compared to ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate stayes longer within the body about 12 - 14 hours which can be beneficial for the antioxidant value of it. 

To know more about FERN C don't foget to visit, follow and like us on their social media sites! I also heard that Fern C has some christmas surprises and lots of giveaway this month! Go check them out  at
Disclaimer: Please note some of these photos as grabbed from google and all the FACTs are well researched. 

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