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It's almost ramen weather! Now, who doesn't like a bowl of hot ramen with a comforting view from Noah's Place, Aguirre BF Homes. Sounds fun right? so if you're up with a food trip with your friends, make sure to put DORIFUTO SUSHI in your list! 

If you're on my snapchat or facebook you're probably seeing some posts about Dorifuto Sushi, and that I just hang out there whenever I get bored at home. It live in BF Homes and it's just one trike away from me plus I get to eat ramen and sushi together at very affordable price!  Let me tell you a little story about Dorifuto Sushi, well first the name originated from 'Drift' as in like Tokyo Drift - and you should pronounce it like "Do-rif-to" . Funny how I thought I should pronounce it how it was spelled and it sounded weird in the first place. There's still a lot of story behind Dorifuto Sushi and you should watch out for I and Gabriel's Youtube Channel. 

Speaking of, so yeah Gabriel and I visited our friend who owns Dorifuto Sushi. We were actually looking for some sushi run to bring home right after our video shoot. We never knew the place were that comfy and chill so we decided to spend the whole afternoon there. I don't know but whenever I am there I feel so productive, it's an outdoor area but it is also the best place to be productive. 

We ordered their Ramen + Sushi set, did you know that this is just for P250 . Yes you read that right it is TWO HUNDRED FIFTY PESOS ONLY! A choice of your own sushi (California Maki, Tekkamaki, Tuna Sashimi, Spam Musubi, Bacon N Cheese, and Spicy Tuna Roll) and their very own mix of ramen!  Seriously, we never imagined that we can have our date day for only P500 pesos!

If you're wondering, yes you can just buy sushi for P150 and ramen for P200 . But why get that if you can get the Set meal right? 

Another cheap way to indulge with Japanese finest is that you can also spend the night away with their Sake Wine and Asahi Beer! 


I am giving away Voucher to Dorifuto Sushi. Get your Ramen and Sushi set for only P200 instead of P250 with this voucher! 

1. FOLLOW @chescaandgabe and @dorifutosushiph on INSTAGRAM
2. Repost my Dorifuto Sushi Set meal photo.
3. Tag someone who you want to spend the day with at Dorifuto Sushi
4. Don't forget to Tag @Dorifutosushiph and Me! 

5 lucky pairs will win this voucher. Announcement of Winners will be on July 31.


Store Hours from 1pm - 10pm (weekdays)
1pm - 12am (weekends)
For more Inquiries and Information you can follow them on Instagram at 

Address: Noah's Place Along Aguirre BF Homes Paranaque 
(2nd floor of Robinsons Easy Mart)

Contact: 0935 881 7934 | 09503835920

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