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Chicken wings, seriously speaking, who doesn't like chicken wings? You don't like chicken wings? now I think you are missing half of your life. Let me tell you now, Wingstop's 14 flavors are here to take over your taste buds. 

On a mission to serve flavor to the world, Wingstop is ready to invade your senses with their 14 unique flavors. Whether you enjoy a spicy heat, crave for that extra zing, or hunger for all that's rich and smoky, Wingstop is sure to have a flavor that will suit your taste buds.

         You can start with the basics. Savor the familiar with the original Hot Buffalo, the sauce that made Wingstop famous. Its a classic blend of heat and tang that will leave you wanting more after every bite. And then theres the Hickory Smoked Barbecuecowboy or not, youre sure to enjoy its smoky, bold, and rich flavor. This sauce is like having all the flavors of summer on a grill. Were sure itll get you addicted!

         Once youve got your appetite going, take a trip down South with the Louisiana Ruba crispy dry rub with a killer combination of garlic and cajun spices. Not to be outdone, the Cajun is another Southern flavor that is full of zest.  It's got all the warmth of a hot sunny day, mixed with bold spices for a zing that will keep you coming back for more.

         If heat is your thing, dare to wing it with the Atomic, the hottest flavor Wingstop has to offer. A test of taste and strength, only the boldest of the bold are sure to smile through the hottest sauce around. A worthy competitor, the Mango Habanero is guaranteed to leave you craving and swaying in ways you never have before. A sauce where sweet meets heat, Mango Habaneros slow burn will tickle your taste buds until youre deliciously on fire.

         For those who prefer more mellow and comforting flavors, Wingstops got a tasty trio you can count on. Citrus deliciousness takes the form of Lemon Pepper, the bright and bold flavor known for its hearty pepper punch and zesty lemon surprise. Buttery parmesan cheese and savory garlic join forces in Garlic Parmesan, a savory blend of flavors thats sure to leave you salivating. And last, but definitely not the least is Mild, which is anything but meekits got all the flavor and heat of classic buffalo sauce without the burn.

         Wingstops Flavor Invasion doesnt halt in the west. East meets the flavor craze too, through five flavors that are sure to make their way into the hearts of Asian flavor lovers all over. Turn Japanese with the bold and sweet Asian spices of Teriyaki, then explore the rest of the continent with Korean Soy and Spicy Soy, each seasoned with heated sesame, garlic, and spice.  And lastly, those who prefer a stroll on the sweet side will surely love the extraordinary combinations of honey with garlic or smoky barbeque with the Honey Garlic and the Honey Barbecue.

Now, don't you still like chicken wings? How about the ambiance of the store, who would say no to this?

         The flavors have arrived and they wont take no for an answer. Each flavor has something unique to offer and each one demands to be known, tasted, and experienced. Whatever flavor youre craving for, dont miss out on the Wingstop Flavor Invasion at the Wingstop branch nearest you. For more information, LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW @wingstopph on Instagram.

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  1. Oh my! Haven't tried them yet, but probably soon, this post made me want to run the the Glorietta branch now:(


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