#NeverFail with L'Oreal's INFALLIBLE

8:22 AM

Okay, can I just say.........
 this is my first blog entry of the year.  
- And I am writing my blog like how I do my vlogs.

L'Oreal just launched the Infallible #NeverFail collection and guys, this event was cray cray! Let me start here, Who here wants a long lasting make up? Who here is too tired of re-touching? Who here is tired of cakey foundation whenever you sweat? IT'S ME ME ME!!! but don't you worry girls because L'Oreal Infallible collection is now available in the market! So I attended the launching event last January 18, we are tasked to put the infallible to the test and experience the ultimate long-wear make up. But I failed - Why? The event ended at 7pm and I arrive at 7pm... hahahahahah! But good thing, I used my Infallible foundation, powder, setting spray and lipstick, because I know already that I won't be able to make the "makeover part" before we hit the workout part. 

So right after work, I rushed going to SM Makati, to meet with my blogger bestie, Camile. My workplace is like 15-25 minutes to SM makati, make it 30minutes if you're a turtle. And so I was rushing and I starting sweating balls because of I am wearing a zippered up bomber jacket (Just sports bra in the inside, so I have to do that.) I was literally brisk walking since the foot traffic in the landmark area is so crowded and I am really gonna be late. 

GUESS WHAT? I am still fresh after that, even Camile complimented my make up that night. I thought I was so sweaty and all already, but yay thanks to my MAKE UP OF THE NIGHT I was able to fight meltdown and stayed fresh the whole night. 

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