Break Free by Don Soriano + my career life realizations

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I don't personally know Don Soriano, he’s just one of my Facebook Friends from the Blogging community. Reading first 5 pages of his book, I felt that I’ve known him forever. We have the same perspective in business we somehow also have same standards in building our own empires. It’s just that He already built his own, and I am still scared to step up with his game. 

Reading this book made me realized a lot of things, I started working a month after I finished school while I am waiting for a 3 month long vacation for Graduation, while working on a start-up company I am also trying to build my own business, it was a good opportunity for me to be having to work in a star up company while building my own, at least I get to avoid any circumstances that can bring me my start up down. Along the way, the passion of doing my own craft gone. I don’t know how to start it again, How I will put myself back to the path until I decided to give up on it, a year has passed I still long for it, I still want to pursue it. Until it hit me, I don’t have any market, other than myself, it’s not a sustainable business, it’s a hobby - and that’s different. My dad once told me, create something that people NEED, because for sure that’s in their daily routine. I thought of making my own restaurant, but the only thing I know is to fry an egg. I thought of franchising a water station or something, but I am scared to risk people’s life. Like what if there’s something wrong in the water or whatnot. Now, here I am having thoughts on pursuing my own empire. 

Principle # 1: DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB (Yet)
In this book Don really emphasized about not quitting your daily job, it keeps you to earn more income while building your own empire, as he said “Work on your job during the day and build your empire at night” Well I think I’m on the right path? 

This book also outlines

Learn as much as you can.
Increase your active income.
Start managing your money well.
Maximize leverage.
Get yourself in the right environment.
Create passive income.
Learn to master yourself.

Increase your active income? Who wouldn’t want that??? - and by increasing your active income you should really know how to manage your income properly and efficiently. A sports car, A high-end camera, a 56” TV is a WANT, not a need, you can always get this later, for now, why start investing? 

I personally never find myself reading books on Finance and Economics on a topic, it bores me to death. But with this, I swear to God, it really took me an hour to read it, and it’s equivalent to a life long experience learning. Don, has helped me get by my “not-so-quarter-life-crisis” now after reading this book, creative juices on how I can expand my business started to flow! 

Definitely recommending this to you. Why? 
I know you want to start a business, or you want to have more savings so you can travel the world, or even get yourself your dream car?  or you want to quit your corporate job and start your own business. Then this book is what you need to get you where you want to be! You can order directly from Don Soriano by going to his Facebook page Trust me it’s gonna worth all the penny. Let me know once you ordered, maybe we can chit-chat about it as well!

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