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4th Week of my photo a Day challenge!
April 22 - 30, 2013
Iphone4 Pictures only, Instagram Filters!

Getting bored this summer? Can't go outing or anything? Want to have some challenge? Photo a day is a very friendly game! You should try it too! There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the challenge as you please and have some fun! You can do your own challenge or grab some over the net!!

So clearly I did this, for you guys to get to know something about me, to get inspired and have something to look forward to everyday!

22. My Picture

because today I'm officially legal!

23. Younger picture of me
credits to my mom, who posted this photo of me on facebook!! *cheatday*

24. Something Amazing

I am really amazed with this, like this is so creative and generous! 
This is from my friend Nica!! How sweet.

25. Something I don't like

This quote really makes me sad...

26. What am i doing 

bonded with our cute dogieee Stinky the dog! How i love cuddling with him! So fluffy!

27. My shadow

Some kind of a jeje picture? No! it's kawaii.

28. My feet

See the awkwardness? This is the most random challenge ever! 

29. My smile
Happy girls are always the prettiest! True!

30. Before Sleeping
I've been MIA for weeks, and now I'm updating everything!!! 

So this day ends my photo challenge!! Thank you to everyone who liked and supported my daily challenge!

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