two / eighteen

12:32 AM

April 21, 2013

My second celebration with my favorite boys (Dad & my two brothers)!! 
Okay, so obviously this is the only picture I have.

What we did today. Watched Oblivion && Pigged out!!

I'm turning 18 tomorrow.
It's kind of a weird feeling, then again, it's just another day of another year.
I had no idea how these past 17 years would be. You would think it would be simple, wouldn't you?
Living your life & not messing up.
I mess up, BIGTIME.
I don't know what I would do if there was a book on my life and I read it up to this point. So many
mistakes. But then again, they've made me who I am today.
Tommorow stars another year.
Another chance to start fresh. And that's exactly what I'll take it as.
Happy Birthday to me!

xoxo, chesca

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