its the most wonderful time of the year

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Hi! Okay, please try not to laugh with my artwork. I tried doing some changes for my christmas tree, I made it kinda childish  and minimal. I just want it simple but cute!

Do you know that Christmas is getting closer and closer? 43 days to go till the most wonderful time of the year! I'm a very fan of Christmas, I don't really don't care if I get a lot of presents or what, come on in some point in life, we have to admit we're growing old already so LESS gifts for us & more for the young ones.. .... SAD but true, right? I like Christmas because this is the time where most family gatherings happen, where we feel longer nights & shorter days. I remember I used to write Santa my Christmas wishlist and hang it up in our Christmas tree. It's funny how "Santa" crossed out mostly on my wishlist haha.  
So maybe I should start to give out my christmas wishlist? It will make my life so much easier since I can never ever think of anything I want when someone asks me. hehe

HAHAH! Who would have thought that a girl like me have this kind of wishlist. Well excuse me, I'm on Industrial Design Student, and I just don't "WANT" these things, I actually "NEED" it.  

I made things easy for you guys, I included the stores where you can buy it. Hahahah! & Thank you in advacnce!

1. Graphic Tablet - Computer Store
2. Macbook Pro  - Apple Store
3. Kurecolor (DIFFERENT COLORS) - National Bookstore
4. Peebo Acrylic tubes (DIFFERENT COLORS) - National Bookstore
5. Circular Cutter - hardware
6. SET Carving Tools - Hardware
7. 3M(roll) Sanding paper - (ANY GRIT WILL DO.) My friend told me that he  bought it at True Value.
8. Craft Heat Gun -  Hardware (?) Online store, Just search it :)
9. Sculpey Clay (oven baked clay) 
10. ZAP! Crafter craft heat gun - Online store

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