Constant Feeling

9:24 PM

It's actually a bad thing that I've been longing for this bitter sweet memory. It's been almost my DAILY  routine. Now I am blogging about my black and white thoughts. 

Have you ever had your own "Constant Feeling"? Throughout life, you will find someone who is unlike any other person you met before. From the very beginning you can trust this person completely and no matter what they’ll do, they will always be a part of you. When you've really fallen hard for them, Things suddenly change over night. And now you’re just depressed all over again, but worse, because you thought you two had something about to turn into something so much more. So now you just cry yourself to sleep, or panic, or hate yourself for waking up. 

2 things I learned in life 

1.  Surround yourself with good driven people.
PICK YOUR FRIENDS WISELY, but i'm not saying that you should discriminate just be very careful on whom you should build relationships with because BELIEVE me these people are actually the ones whom you'll be spending most of your time. Be with the people who make you grow, who have dreams and knows which direction to go in life.  

2. Avoid making rash decisions
This is actually one of the things I hate. I really do make rash decisions.  I don't think of my decisions before making the. I give suggestions or  comments without even thinking of it. Once you screw things up THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. trust me, You'll regret it. Once you do something, there's no "undo" button to fix it. You might hurt people by what you do or say, they might have forgive you but will they forget? NO, you're lucky if they did. Don't do something you'll regret later on. Don't let your emotions get you.

Some doors open, some doors close. That’s just how it is in life. But what I always keep in mind is that the people who want you to be in their lives will do everything to be in yours. I believe that people really do keep in touch. You'll meet them somewhere  we don’t expect. f you still let your happiness depend on others or if you think that somebody will come and save you, you will never be fucking happy. So get up and believe in yourself.


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