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Once again, I’ve completely failed to update this blog and my domain registry is about to expire in 84 days. HOW SAD :(. Anyway, Don’t give up on me yet! Bad habits die hard, but they will die, eventually. 
Hey, I just finished my last day of my 3rd term of my 3rd year life! I'm going to be 4th year in less than a month! AHH - how time flies so fast! I'm still thankful that I survived this roller coaster kind of a term with heavy plates PLUS a 3 month Cheer dance training for Pump Up the Animo 6. #TEAMSDA

I even miss getting thrown, being lift and having non stop sweat.

Here are some of the projects I made this term, Not that okay, but I'm proud of it! 

This summer has been much less than I’ve hoped for. I feel like a great majority of the summer’s disappointment has been a result of how long it will for me to find a On the job training for next term or hopefully this summer, I'm really graduating soon. I can't wait to finally step on that stage and receive my diploma. I don't pretty much have plans this summer but hopefully I'll get to visit the beach!!

I just want to have a full blast 28 days remaining of summer time, before I drown myself with plates again!
I'm turning 19 in 42 minutes!! Oh my god it's my last year of being a teen!! I'll surely make the most out of it. Can't wait to see what's in store for me this year. I still remember when I last blogged about my 18th birthday and i remembered I planned to have 18 celebrations and I only had 5? mmmm hi parents! seems like you still owe me 13 more celebrations! *whispers* (you can just convert it to cash) hehe!

How bout you, What's your summer bucket list now? 

xoxo, chesca

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