Nothing like Disney

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I've always been a fan of Disney movies.
 Like how Snow white was saved by her knight and shining armor from the wicked witch.  Aurora had her second life from a true love's kiss. Like, How Troy Bolton picked a school that is exactly 32.7 Miles away from Gabriella.   All of these begins and ends the same way. HAPPY ENDING, yeah right. Yes, I'm one of those hopeless romantic girls, I can still say that I'm looking for that Disney prince. They meet the guy of  their dreams, some crazy things happens like talking to animals and then live happily ever after. My fairy tale isn't like that at all! I don't talk to animals, My shoe didn't slip while I'm running, I didn't have a second life from a true love's kiss but still I have something that's worth a time to write about.

Here's my fairy tale.
He was actually not the guy I pictured when I dreamed of my perfect guy. Actually, He's the complete opposite of the guy I made up. Looking back, none of that matters anymore now. I just never knew because I never met anybody like him so I finally came to realize that he was the guy I was really looking for. I don't really remember where I first met him, I don't even remember his name, his face and how did we get introduced to each other. One thing I surely remember is when I actually laid my eyes on him. I couldn't resist, his hair is so messy and I like it so much. He look so damn adorable while talking to this street kid asking alms from us. Especially how he's so honest to me and not just that "pasikat" guy I usually get to talk  to.  He saved me, in every sense of the world. He saved me from depression and showed me that I can be loved and that I do deserve happiness. Every moment I'm with him I feel like I'm the happiest I have ever been. We lasted almost a year, but just like the movies, there will always "asar scene" it's not always going to be smooth, it's not always going to be okay and that's okay. We broke up, I got lost and he did too. That's when I realized that I don't think I've ever had someone look at me the way he does or hold me the same way.

 Love is sweeter the second time right?
 but for us, it wasn't. We're on a long distance for almost 6 months, and it didn't go on well. I'm sorry for everything I've done that could have hurt him even though he act like nothing hurts.I don't do things with other guys to make him jealous. I turned left even though I know I have to go straight, I chose to follow a different path and just leave the right way. It actually matters to me when he's with other girls. He made me wait over and over for him, far too many times than I could possible even recount. I've cried endless nights over the things I've done to him but somehow I keep going back. He was so perfect to me that anything He do no longer matters. I know who he is really, And I want to be with him. I swore to myself I'd never be in a relationship where I had to withstand with pain but for him I'll do it. Every time I get mad at him, my mind just takes me back to all the things we've done together. I can't be hypocritical and get mad at him because he doesn't treat me like that but it does affect me. I wanted to be with someone else's arm to feel the way he always made me feel it it wasn't the same. All of them, They're never the same.  I wanted to be him to hold me for the 3rd time. I miss being his girl, I miss being on his arms again. He's always different. he's always a lot better and I can't explain how much that means to me. That's when I finally understood how he feel for me. How we always end up fighting with small things. It's the thought of leaving him every time we fight, that brings me to tears. It's the thought of no longer being able to kiss and hold him or like be with him again after weeks of not seeing each other. He's perfect in every single way, and for the first time in my life I feel so confident but stupid all at the same time and that's okay. Maybe now, it's really sweeter the 3rd time around. Now I never thought in a million year that I was capable of falling for somebody the way I have for him. I've had feelings before that I thought were strong but it was nothing compared to how I feel with him. Right now we are in that part of our fairy tale where all the crazy shit happens, and that acceptance and being strong is our only choice... And hopefully we eventually make it to our own happy ending. 

We aren't perfect and we don’t try to be.
 As long at the end of the day, I’m content and happy with where we are in our relationship, I could care less about anyone’s opinions. He make me happy and that’s all that matters.  We've been through it all together. The worst of fights but always the best makeups. I understand our past and all the hardships we had to. I’m here for him through it all. He's my best friend and lover all wrapped in one. And that I couldn't ask for more.

xoxo, chesca

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