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Welcome ID 114!
"In choosing Benilde, You must rethink your criteria"

So it's me again. You'd probably read a post about Benilde Frosh Tips a year ago. Hi, I'm Chesca. Just chesca, so if ever you see me around, Don't call me "ATE" like what ID 113 did! Yes I'm turning 4th year but it doesn't mean I'm that old. Hehe. I'm really grateful to share something about Benilde to you guys.

There are 3 buildings, six schools. 
Here are the Official Facebook Pages of the ff. Schools. 

Remember, The best way to fit in is to STAND OUT!
I've work at the Student Council Volunteer Corps as Publicity Branch under Creatives Commitee, but I did Communications part as well. In creatives, We do all the designs from the posters  to the tarpaulins to simple Display Photo. In Communications, we're the Speaker. We're the one who's holding the students Database and we send mass messages whenever there's suspension of classes or so. It's really good to be part of the student council, SWEAR!! Some students actually think it's boring and too nerdy but it's not, It's really fun! So what are you waiting for? Wait for the Star Week and visit the CSG booth!

There's a lot, Just don't forget you can also Join to different course's organization. Explore and think out of the box!

  •  KNOW THE CAMPUS. Lucky if you have someone to tour you around. But if none, try to know things about your school. Especially, important places you must know like the cafeteria for TAFT CAMPUS, Cafeteria is at ground floor / SDA Cafeteria is at the 12th floor. and AKIC Cafeteria is at the grounf floor also. Because the canteen is where you’ll feed your tummy to gather energy for the day. The room is where you’ll feed your brain in order to serve its purpose. The library will be an essential place for you to go when you have no place to go or even when you are sleepy. There is also what we call COMMONS, in where students can relax, the sofa's are too comfy! And the court is where you’ll feed your eyes with awesome people ready to be friends or enemies.
  • PREPARE YOUR INTRODUCTION. Never settle for less. Always be an impact! Don't just tell them your name, age & from what school. They'll find you boring at an instant. Just give it a twist. How? Give them a loud voice, do jokes or some pick up lines. Tell them what you're good at, show them you're ready to mingle. Because loud voice can gather attention. And telling them you're good at something will give you an edge which will lead you to have MORE FRIENDS!
  • ATTENDANCE IS A MUST! This is college, its way more different from highschool! You don't have an adviser to save your butt once you mess up. College is about being independent. This is where your "Sikap" & "Diskarte" can be measured. Don't be LATE! Don't collect ABSENTS, and don't cut class. Your presence is very essential. We have this thing called FDA (Failure due to Absence) meaning no matter how smarty pants you are if your attendance is a messed up then WILL FAIL. 
  • Bring lots of 1x1 & 2x2 pictures of you!
  • All sizes of Index Cards! 
  • Know your professors! (It is the hardest thing to do actually, many college students doesn't know who their professors are)
  • ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. You won't like sitting around on your 2nd meeting knowing nothing...  First day? Boring? We have nothing to do? Chill? NO. Maybe YES Maybe NO. Some professors doesn't know how to chill, they don't know the saying "IT'S FIRST DAY" so yeah, they tend to start a lesson right after the getting to know game. Some gives home works, projects & stuff. 
  • PAO TSIN & MILDREDS.  Having lunch in our cafeteria is so much better than fast food, outside the campus!
  • CLOTHES.  You guys can repeat clothes. especially for SDA STUDENTS. Know how fashion goes and remember don't JOIN THE TREND, BE THE TREND!   Don't forget We still follow DRESS CODES. 
  • GOODMORNING, GOODAFTERNOON, GOODEVENING. Always put a smile on your face whenever entering our campus, it gives our kuya & ate guards a wonderful day!
  • CONYO PROBLEMS. NA-AH! Not all benildeans make usap usap like this, like e.g (Can you make me sama at the cafeteria i'm kinda gutom kasi. ) like you know being so conyo and all. Like super konti lang talaga.
  • We call thursday - H So when you see TH on your schedules that means TUES&THURS not HOLIDAY. hahaha
and One reminder, Remember to wear GREEN on your Orientation! I remember I wore pink and I was the odd one out. HAHA! Again, See you around Froshies!!


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