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New outfit post after 1234567890 years. Hihi. Yet again another windy and sunny day during the shoot and I'm wearing skater skirt. Yes, another black and white post. I swear, Black and white will never ever ever ever get old to me plus It's really easy to bring! I don't really know what topic should I blog about but there's one thing in my mind right now and it was always my problem, ALWAYS!


I AM. I AM. Honestly, I have a messy closet, I fix them once in a while but it will get messy after weeks and it really stresses me out. It makes it hard for me to look for my clothes when I need to wear them.
It's nice to actually sort out your clothes on your own and don't depend to others (or at least sit there with them to decide) because it is really unnecessary to keep clothes which you never wear or don't want the best time to sort when the season changes. Sort through your wardrobe, you can just keep the clothes you can't use in another container and get rid of things you don't use anymore. You can either give your old clothes to the charity or younger children in your family. Don't forget you can sell it also as your pre loved items, It is a great way to buy and head towards a better wardrobe!

With the ones your keeping make sure to check that everything is clean and still in good contidition because I swear you don't want to put it back to your closet. 
Groupings, Make sure to group everything, from your clothes to accesories to shoes to bags.  Sort your hanging clothes by type and by color (PS: have good and one colored hangers so it will look clean.), fold the jeans, put sweaters on different shelves and keep your accesories in the drawers

Lastly, Maintain your closet like that! You've got everything in order already so better not mess it up. It's better if you keep it clean and simple it will surely take your stress of getting dressed every day. 


Top: +Gap ; Skater Skirt; SM Dept. Store : Necklace +Forever 21 ; Shoes +Payless ShoeSource 


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