Back to reality

9:36 PM

Why Do I look like I'm having an ID picture taken here? 

That's it! A 28 day summer break is about to end. Back to reality, gotta get ready with loads of plates but I feel so excited to go back in school knowing I only have 4 terms left to graduate + new set of students in school! Really don't know what to chit chat here to you guys but here's what I have in mind. 


Every time I am alone in a crowded place, I always think of putting myself into other’s shoe. Like, what if I’m a working student? Can I really manage my time and have a long patience in working and studying? What if I’m an actress? Can i focus on my studies or I would focus more in my career? What if I am a 15-year old sidewalk vendor? What if I live under the bridge? What if I am rich? What if I live in a wealthy family? What if I am a young yaya of a baby? What if I don’t go to school because my parents can’t afford it? What if I am the party-girl? What if I am a famous dancer, singer or athlete? What if I am a model? Or a TVC model? What if I am not supposed to be like this? What if I shouldn’t be this person? What if… What if I’m not supposed to be what I am right now?

Well first of all, I'm happy with what I am right now. I'm happy to have at least some extra curricular activities inside and outside school. I enjoy Blogging and sharing random thoughts to you guys, I enjoy going to VTR's, I enjoy cheering, I enjoy partying. I don't need to be THAT girl, because I know and I believe I can do anything I want, I don't need to just stay in my comfort zone. 

Always remember that, Outside your comfort zone, There's WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPEN! So true, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Go out there and shine! Open up your future with limitless possibilities tp carry you as you fall freely. Once you try to take a step forward outside your comfort zone TRUST me you will never want to go back! You will discover to enjoy this new cycle of your life after all and wondy why it took you so long to give it a try. It's a ups and downs transformation but you gotta be patient. Success is just around the corner. That's what it's all about.  

Velvet Tank Top: +Banana Republic ; Shorts: +romweshop ; 
Fringe Sleeveless Cardigan: +Miss Selfridge 


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