Touch of blue

4:03 PM

After midterms & our Halloween Party, hey now I'm stuck at home being a couch potato as usual. When I decided to play dress up, and here's the after math. Ta duh!! I planned on wearing an all black outfit as always, but I thought that you guys might be so over with my everyday all black outfit, so I'm giving you some touch of blue. which is my kinda secondary favorite outfit color next to black. 
People always asks me why am I always wearing black, or am I depressed or what, my answer is NO, I'm not depressed or anything I'm really happy now that everything's going the way I planned & wanted. I just wear black because that's what I see inside my closet, and I don't have time to mix & match outfit every morning since I leave my house super early to meet my 8 am class. I tried planning and readying my clothes night before it's just that my clothing mood changes when I wake up. Kinda weird isn't it? Hahaha! 

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