How to pick sunglasses?

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1. Heart Shaped -  Perfect pair is a Aviators or a pair of heavy frames. It can help add some width to your narrow chin and Jaw line. Cheekbones are generally high and angled following the contour of the face. The trick for hear shapes is to find shapes that balances rhe widths of your face.  Don't go for over sized aviators with lenses that slope sharply from the nose pad to the outer cheekbone; this shape can weigh or drag the face down. Instead, pick ones that have a more rounded silhouette throughout. Additionally, cat-eye sunglasses that are not too narrow or pointy will also work for this shape.

2. Round - Perfect pair is a Over sized square sunglasses. Also angular and geometric frames that sharpen your facial features. They make your face appear longer and thinner. Having this shape is all about about a perfect portion, you have a circular face where the width and length are practically equal. 

3. Oval - Lucky for this shape, every frames compliments this shape since this is the most common face shape but you should avoid any glasses with frames that are too big for your features.

4. Square - Oval and Round frames work best with your face to not see more the angles in the forehead and cheeks as well as jaw line. Avoid wearing square or geometric shaped frames that emphasize angles of the face. Don't try frames with color accented bottoms, they draw more attention to the chin and make it appear more boxier. 

Happy Shopping ;)

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