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Hi again! This is some sort of a comeback post, "kinda" since I am still not yet done with my thesis but I am just so eager to show you guys about the PU Varsity Dress I got from +Something Borrowed Clothing  in Zalora last weekend! I was really torn between the black and the white one and try to consult everyone on what color should I get. 

To those who's been asking what size I am in Zalora, it's SMALL for dresses!  Because yeah I agree with you their sizes are so complicated and confusing. I seriously have to get a tape measure to get my right size, but hey, if ever you got the wrong size Zalora offers a free 30 day free return or exchange of product and they can also pick it up right in front of your doorstep! Super convenient isn't it? 

Anyway, I think I have to go back with thesis writing right now, I still have more draft posts here with me so don't worry :) 

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