How I started my 2015

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Wow. Finally It's my first ever 2015 blog post! Ha! I thought I'll be lazy to post something here, but hey I think I have a really nice thing to talk about here. Haha! Also I'm listening to my boyfriend's recent cover of Constant Conversation while typing, Wooooow Inspiration lol jk. 

Anyway, Its just the 18th day of the month and I'm working on a Theater play set up design and I'm actually heads over heels for this one! I should've taken Production Design as a course I guess, but Industrial Design still unders it so whatever. OHHH AND YES, You guys have to watch this play okay?? It's entitled ALEXA and showing on February 23, 2015 at the SDA theater (I guess TBA guyss. Just check my twitter : @chescademesa or Instagram at @chescademesa ) Also, you can follow ALEXA2015  on twitter: @Alexa2015 and Instagram: @Alexa2015 for more info.

I just finished reading Eleanor and Park and omg, I am so speechless, sorry I'm just shallow when it comes to stories like this. Hopeless Romantic (lol). Anyway, I would like to begin by saying that this book was excellently written and portrayed some things very well. Overall, this was another fabulous book by Rainbow Rowell, (for me at least cause I only read this one and Attachments so far. HAHA). If you have not read the book, I am warning you now to stop reading from this part cause I might be spoiling stuff hehe. 

Okay so, Eleanor is quite unique and the first morning she gets on the bus to her new school, she feels that she doesn't fit in that school at all. She wasn't able to grab a sit at first and when she finally got an empty seat, it was next to this quiet boy named Park. OMG THIS IS THE PART WHEN... blah blah blah hahaha. Eleanor and Park is the story of two teenage- highschool outcasts falling unexpectedly in love in their school bus seat (corny but kinda exciting right? Like who the hell falls in love in a school bus?) The perfect part there is the fact that they don't fit in the crowd but they perfectly fit for each other.  Blah blah blah blah, HA! I would like to say more about their story but I don't want to spoil you guys that much, so GO, read the book na. hahahahah! 

So that's how I started my 2015. Pretty much interesting for me. 

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