Blogopolis: Shifting Gears

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Nuffnang: Blogopolis Shifting Gears
February 21, 2015
1PM - 7PM 
Dusit Thani Hotel Manila

Hello Guys! I am now writing about my experience in Blogopolis Shifting Gears, you know just to rub it in your face what you've missed for not going. HAHAHA Kidd! This years blogopolis is so unreal, the speakers are tremendous and they all gave such a great talk! 

I have listed the speakers and what I've learned from them, also some  point to review on how to start your own blog (if you're planning to have one). Always remember blog because you want to share your opinions or whatsoev not for other reasons, like free this and that, those are just perks! 

This year's blogopolis hosts are Karla Aguas and Justin Quirino. There are almost 200 participants, I guess in my eyes' statistics hahahaha. And there are four segments of speakers. 


First Speaker: Ivan Henares of 
Travel Blogger

Social History Online: Importance of Heritage, Culture and Tourism in today's Social Society

Ivan Henares is on his 10th year of blogging, he blogs about World Heritage, most of them are from the Philippines. You know' we all gotta love our country!
He has this new advocacy "Adaptive reuse in the philippines" - to reuse the heritages and make it more adaptive. He explained that we don't have to demolish our heritages to build another one, we can still keep doing restoration. 

Second Speaker: Senator Bam Aquino

Putting the Message across: Social Media as a Tool to Disseminate Relevant News & Information 

As the title stated above explains the obvious, he explained it further. He also enlightened us about his  "Walang Asenso sa kotong, WASAK" Advocacy that I think 95% was not aware that we have something like this. Well yeah, now we have. So to people who always gets "kotong" you may dial the number above. 

Social Media, is the most powerful now to disseminate news and information, as we all know 79% of the Philippine population are on social media, they usually get news from facebook, twitter and in such.   Also, Sen. Bam Aquino explained that "People like the things that they like". Many netizens don't give importance to some more relevant news, instead they are just more focus on non relevant issues. (As much as I want to name drop, I won't. Keeping my mouth shut hahah I'm pretty sure we're on the same page now though..) 

Third Speaker: Pepper PH 
Mikka Wee & Pamela Cortez
Food Blogger

Audience Reaction towards Viral Content

Pepper PH was awarded by google as #1 food blog in the country. Their site was full of mouth watering delicacies also take note: FOOD HACKS!!!! 

They also talked about content on making a blog and how to react to your readers.

- Food blog but works as a editorial content
- They have editorial and timeline calendar included in their site. 

- Quality 
Quality (Photos), You catch readers eye by your good quality photos, of course, angles and rule of thirds still apply! 
Readability, You should always make sure that your readers do understand what you're saying.

-What reader likes
They have two columns in their site, first  What their readers like and the restaurant views. 
-Food hacks
I told you they have food hacks and their most viral food hack is the Shakey's MOJO'S!!!!!!! Who doesn't like mojosssssss right? omgg i'm really getting hungry now. Hello Pepper.Ph! 

Restaurant Views
- in their restaurant views, comments and suggestion box is included. They answer everything in all honestly, even if it's a negative reaction. One rule in blogging is, accept all the bashing! We all got haters anyway. ;) 

-Religious Beliefs
-Cultural Sensitive
- One of the factors they consider are their readers religious beliefs and cultural sensitivity, they always make sure that they talk non racist-ly at all. 
-National Crisis
-Also, when we're on National Crisis they don't post about food or anything, instead they help on disseminating the Information and news over social media. 

-Headlines are very very important
-Magnetic Onlines
- In blogging, you should always consider on how to proper craft your website. On publishing an article, you should also consider to write a proper headlines, cause this will give your readers a magnetic vibes. 



4th Speaper: Gang Badoy - Capati 
Also visit her abandoned tumblr ABASHET

Empowerment of advocacies through social media

When I was on my way to getting sleepy, Ms. Gang Badoy came in and was seriously shouting SHET. I was laughing my ass for 10 minutes as she raised her talk. 

She started her talk with " I won't tell you how powerful Internet is, you fucking know it" Hell yah we fucking know it! I'm just gonna quote her because I'm literally speechless about her now, and I don't want to pin point her whole 10 minute talk.  

She just explained that "If you're comfortable to make a statement, make it". Just say whatever you want to say without getting scared that people will hate you or something, being just perfectly yourself is such a big win win to yourself! Don't always think of others, thinking of yourself won't hurt. 

"When you have something to say, choose the best language" 
"The underlined word in blog is LIVE, You have to be ALIVE"
"Do not let your 2d Image, Change your 3d life" 

- Don't always over write things, just to make it look more decent. Always be yourself, and do what makes your comfortable. Also, in blogging you have to be always alive, don't just blog because you're getting paid to blog, Blog because you live the blogging life. And one more thing, "DO NOT LET YOUR 2D IMAGE, CHANGE YOUR 3D LIFE" Don't just blog and blog and blog without connecting to your readers, your readers are your number one inspiration in blogging, they exist because your blog exists, Don't just set your life in blogging, go out there mingle!


I will be talking about this on my next blog, cause this one is seriously long now. So keep updated!! 

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