Easter Bunny

12:02 PM

Hi, I was so bored at home so dressed like an Easter egg. too bad I'm too thin to be an Egg. HAHAHA!  Anyway I just want to share what I did this holy week vacay... Guess what? WORKATION!!!!  From school work to blog work to my extra curricular activities plus a night out with my friends!

My birthday is  coming up in 16 days and I have something for you guys, so you better stay tuned cause I have a lot in store for you! I'm so excited to announce it but I have to wait till it's the third week to spill!! 

Anyway, I am cleaning my closet & everything will be up for sale in my garage!!! 
Email me for some info's or comment below!! 

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chescademesa
Instagram: @chescademesa 

For more updates!!! 

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