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Hi!!!! It's been awhile since I last posted a review related post here, but bare with me i'll be sharing what Kept me so busy last week! So I had my first ever garage sale in our garage (Hahahaha lol) the whole afternoon of a saturday then I went straight to Recovery Bar, BF Homes. Which is like a one tricycle away from my house!! Weee! So fun in the south! 

So anyway, What did I do in Recovery Bar? 
Ofcourse! I drunk so hard that I even had to sleep in the street. Hahahaha kidding aside! Okay so, yeah. I went there together with my fellow bloggers  ATHENA & JASON to try the new route 3565 mobile bar! 


is already in Aguirre, BF Homes for quite some time now but last March 2015 they went under new Management. With this the owners are already planning to have a new Drinking games to be implemented sometime next month.  Also, during weekdays they have this Promo 6 + 1 bucket.  For now, they're having DJ & Acoustic Live every weekends! 

PHOTO FROM: Recovery Bar Facebook Page

DJ Mickey Lopez
Spread the Love Band - Friday
Easy Band - Saturday

While waiting for our Route 3565 shots, we tried their very own Mint Wintermelon Cocktail that tastes so good! 

We also tried some of their dish! 

Recovery Bar is Open every day from 6PM onwards.


Our first set of shots!!!

Route 3565 Mobile BarHabitat for Drunkards
A. About UsRoute 3565 Mobile Bar, Habitat for Drunkards! If there is one thing we are sure of, is that we are different from your typical mobile bar. First, we are a group of boozehounds who want nothing but to share the bliss in getting buzzed responsibly. You see, we want to change the world one shot at a time. Route 3565 Mobile Bar started with one bottle of beer and witty ideas then finally we jumped into taking the risk of our lives. We know how to get drunk and we sure know how to get you there in first class.

Our goal is to bring your parties to cloud nine. We can guarantee you; you’ve never experienced such ecstasy feeling. We offer variety of packages that will surely bring your event and your party animals out of this world. Our unique shooters that are mixed perfectly are far different from ordinary. We are just one inquiry away and we will sure make it far!

B. Your PARTNERS in CrimePartners are sisters/brothers from different mothers. This is our passion! Getting hammered and bringing people into our world. We’ll show you how life is made easy with a little dance called tipsiness. There is more to life besides our professional fields. We, the owners, are your partners in crime. We tell you there is nothing wrong with having fun once in a while. Don’t get us wrong though, it is not all fun! Mixing for us is a skill mastered. We take it seriously! We follow our standards without any exceptions which is our edge. We are party animals as well, we get you! We won’t judge you; we treat each one like family. Bonus! We love beer pong and we are looking forward to your challenge!
C. Route 3565 Mobile Bar, Habitat for Drunkards- Offers variety of packages depending on the number of guests
- Each package is inclusive of awesome freebies to take advantage of
- Offers the use of our Beer Pong Table with its equipment
- Shooters are out of ordinary. You won’t even know you are drunk.
- Caters any events, from your typical reunion to wild street parties!
- Packages include illuminated bar and its dancing lights that will sure set your moods- Prices can be adjusted to YOUR budget
- Mixes are consistent; the night just gets better and better
- Promises that you and your friends will get drunk and happy by the end of the night

Here's there bar shot list!!

Route 3565 Mobile Bar Habitat for 

Photo from Route 3565

Contact DetailsFacebook :
Contact Number: 0915 512 3565

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