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 "Shop offically started when I created an Instagram account. It was actually difficult to find a catchy name. Then I thought of what friends called my accessories, the so-called "pang-Madam" so I named it Shop ni Madam K."

One of the major thing I do not go out without are my accessories! Wether it's just one bracelet or a stud earring to finally complete my outfit for the day.  I had a chance to interview the owner and she got a really inspiring back story!

In 2013, the shop MADAM K was successfully out in the real world! She just started from buying these stuff somewhere and wear it till Her friends recognized it and started to ask her to buy for them. Then that's when she thought of make it a simple business so that her efforts of buying for her friends pay off! 

She started gaining buyers online and thru personal communication with her friends of friends. In December 2014, She took the risk of joining Christmas bazaar, Bliss Bazaar around Maginhawa QC. 

She totally loved this part time online business since she can put her passion in it. She loved it when people ask her which one suits for their dresses which made her feel like a sort of a fashion consultant. It happened to her a lot of times, but she believe that she has still a lot to learn and she constantly find ways to learn from it!

I totally loved this part-time online business of mine since I can put my passion in it. I loved it when people ask me which one suits fir their dresses which made me feel like a sort of fashion consultant. Yes, it happened a lot of times. Haha. But I believe, I have a lot to learn and I constantly find ways to learn.

Accessories 1

Accessories 2

Accessories 3

Accessories 4

Accessories 5

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3. Make sure your accounts are public.
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Giveaway Starts: May 21, 9PM
Giveaway Ends: May 28, 12AM 

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  1. Accesories 3! Loving the birds 😍😍😍

  2. Accessories 2 ! I want it so badly. I can use it on my everyday casual outfit :)

  3. Love the designs!! So fashionable ❤❤

  4. Accessories 5 looks so elegant! ❤❤❤ -Angelita Gan

  5. Accessories # 4

  6. Accessories # 5 love the looks. :-)

  7. Hi Ms. Chesca! :) Accessories No. 3 pleasee <3

  8. Thank you Ms. Chesca :) Congratulations to the winners :):):)

  9. Thank you, Ms. Chesca, for choosing Shop ni Madam K as one of your sponsor for your birthday giveaway :) Congratulations to all the winners. ,<3


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