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Ola, Amigo/Amiga! 
Here's my 15th giveaway. This giveaway is so long 'talaga' hahaha! 
I've never even been busy in my whole life. I go to school Mondays to Wednesday with some extra curricular activities or blog work related events in between. I do blogging and my Fashion Coordination work during thursday - sunday plus doing some researching and some relaxing time. 

I'm currently reading a book, Anna and the French Kiss. I know you're familiar with that it was the trendy book for months now. HAHA! Am I lame that I'm reading it just now? hahah! I also read some quotes or some inspirational thingy online when I'm bored instagram-ing & facebook-ing. 

And now, I am giving away a Inspirational Journal from The Writing Lass to 5 lucky winners. 
Writing Lass Journals are handmade customized Christian Journals. I swear to God, even if you don't practice this religion, you will still find their journal so inspirational and heart warming! If only I could let myself win I'll have one of these. 

Here is the Journals I'll be giving away! 

1. A day in the life of inday

2. The day Ripper

3. Elations of an Epicurean

4. Midnight Missings

5. Dream Big

1. This giveaway is strictly for Philippine Residents Only
2. Giveaway instagram/twitter account is not counted, you should use your personal account in joining.
3. Make sure your accounts are public.
4. Ofcourse, make sure to follow the mechanics given to quality


Giveaway Starts: May 27, 9PM
Giveaway Ends: June 3, 12AM 

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  1. Midnight Missings!
    Thankyou for the giveaway ms chesca! I do hope to meet you soon bc you're the kindest and most generous blogger i've ever met! Really want to meet you! haha godbless and always take care! :)

  2. This journal would be of great help to me esp with my current situation. If you can see one of my drawers here it has all my journals for the past years. i love to write abt anything and everything and jot impt events in my daily life . I also need inspirational quotes For me and to share with other people as well.. ♥♥♥

  3. Oh men! It's really hard to choose..It's either A day in the life of Inday or Elations of an epicurean.
    hehe. Nauna na mesaage ko sa 1st comment ;)

  4. Dream Big,

    because it's very me!! Ultimate motivation x Floral (Carnations!!!! pa ata my fave flower) x Script font. The journal matches my personality. :)

  5. Ang buhay ni inday :) hello ate chesca! Thank you for all the love and support i feel from you, i can always see that in everything you do, your happy and you make other people happy too :) your one of the most amazing and generous people ive met and also thank you for tagging me @fanofcdm ill support you until life says so but im for sure not in this generation, you are the most prettiest, kindest, sweetest and coolest person ive ever met and im happy for that thank you for everything ate chesca! Your the best!

  6. Midnight Missings thanks you for your giveaways...ang dami...Thnks for sharing your blessings!

  7. Dream Big ^.^
    2015 is new beginning for me because it is first job/work and to face the reality of life as a teacher. I want to write everything that happen to me in my profession and the knowledge for my students that I will and happy memories for us.

  8. Thanks for the chance, goodluck to you and many more to come. God bless you.

    Princess Buenviaje

  9. I really want the Elations of an Epicurean. Hoping ��

  10. A day in the life of inday / The Day Ripper 💓

    Thank you once again for the chance Ms. Chesca!

  11. Midnight Missings
    Aldrin Montierro -

    Thank you for this giveaway and sharing your blessings.

  12. Dream Big
    Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    I loved them all. hehe. Thank you for this giveaway. More power. :-)

  13. " DREAM BIG "

    - rowan anne del carmen


  14. Midnight Missing
    Thank you for this giveaway ^_^ More power to come :) God bless you.

  15. Elations of an Epicurean
    Thank you for this giveaway:)


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