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Hola, I'm "currently" back for a new outfit post for this month. I'm so sorry for my inactivity. I'm working on my thesis for the whole month and the final defense will be this July 25. Wish my luck! I can't wait to post more fashion outfit for you guys soon!
I'm leaving you with this outfit for now. I have something big coming this august. so watch out!  
Instagram: @chescademesa

Also check out my Instagram store: @cdmwears.shop

I am #REPPINRIO. Super loving this Bailey Denim Overalls, I just hope I can wear this in school though :( 
 Visit www.rioestuar.com for more outfits. I heard some of her collection is on sale! 

INSTAGRAM: @rio_clothing  have an on going contest today! Check them out!

Denim Overall: Rio Clothing
Bandeau: Forever21
Ankle Boots: @Damitanbgo

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