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Chesca, as P2 Blooming Fashion Coordinator
Hello, for those who's wondering what I do as a Fashion coordinator. I simply do this, I just get outfits from local online stores in the Philippines and coordinates it. It helps people who's having a hard time choosing & mix matching clothes have an idea on what and 'it's-okay-to-style-this-with-this-outfit'

Blah blah, Read more. 

I always get outfits from Zalora. Why? First, It's convenient shopping at Zalora, Second, It's really easy to search for the items you want they have over a thousand of it!! and Third, they're always on sale!!  Actually, last month they had a 500 everything items even the dresses from Zalora . Imagine, Who would have thought that you'll get complete set of coordinates as low as 2,000 right!! 
Here are the samples I made last month out of my 20 coordinates monthly quota. 

I don't usually wear dresses in school but when I do I always feel like a princess, It makes me feel so girly at the same time so classy!

Channel your ultimate feminine and girly side with these dresses from Zalora

If you want to see more fashion coordinates just visit P2 Blooming
I'll be making some for this month again, see what else can you get from Zalora! 
I'm even looking something corporate to wear for my thesis defense on saturday so let's shop  Dresses from Zalora, now you can have a 15% discount when you type in my

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