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I was so excited to enter my 20's till finishing school, looking for a job, attending so much job interviews, and having to fit the work and social life.  For short a chapter of life with full of social interaction with not just getting wasted. 

So here I am, passed by final thesis last July 25, just finishing 4 more academic subjects and about to leave college in exactly 16 days, and will be graduating this October. I started my first job training as a External Communications and Community Development Manager at Holler Mall , still doing my fashion coordinates every month and been extra extra busy with Craft Box PH; speaking of Craft Box PH, write this down on your planner or something

August 29: Craft Box PH Soft Opening Workshop 
Where: Raffles Design Institute
(Like our FB PAGE for more details )

September 19 - 20: The Craft Box Party 
Where: The Pergola Mall, BF Homes Pque
STILL ACCEPTING CONCESSIONAIRES (art, music, fashion, food)

Enough with the segway. 
For you who's thinking that I am so proud of what I have right now, damn right YES I AM PROUD. What I am saying here is, you can also reach your dreams, start at the lowest low and stay at the highest high. 

Confidence [Kohn-fi-duh ns]
A belief; ability to succeed at something at some point

I've tried to retrace steps back to my freshman year. Diving into a big school with more artistically inclined people lowered my self esteem so bad. At the middle for the first term, feeling confident I got to made new friends in my block and I am happy to say that they are still my friends up until now. The have been so many moments in my life where I've felt so confident about myself. When did I lose it? I can pin point a time when things got out of hand. As what students always say "okay na to" has become my habit in doing my projects. Cramming & Procrastinating are my best friends and coffee was my sunshine. As I grow a little older each day and meet incredible people doing wonderful things I realize how exhausting it is to hold back on allowing myself to be part with this hideous instances if I can enjoy small moments of joy when a job is done beforehand. 

The more artists I've met, the more I realize its a common thing to be hard on ourselves; to strive for excellence and be meticulous in our crafts. When it comes to doing what you're aiming to be, it's really hard to hold yourself back. Everyone that's ever been confident enough to express one's self by through means; whether it is in writing, talking, painting, etc you have to face yourself and accept that your opinion is not going to be loved by everyone. There will always be Haters, there will always be critics and you have to move on and move on and accept what challenges been thrown to you. 

I know a lot of us in our early 20's are under pressure to decide what direction our lives are headed. Let me tell you, don't just depend the "what's in store for me" but, look and see what's really in store for you. Don't settle for less. Believe with your whole heart. Don't throw all your hard work by setting down to what's practical. Always remember that falling is the best lesson you will ever get in life, It's okay to give up on yourself, Just don't quit. 

Now, I want you to think slowly but surely
Are you ready to face the real world? 
Are you ready to give it your all? 
Is it gonna get you somewhere?
If yes, well congratulations you now found your silver lining! 

I hope I made sense here. 
To everyone losing confidence, just don't quit. 
Keep the fire burning, keep the game going. 

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