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It's the time of the month/week/day when I suddenly, out of the blue miss my long hair. I know it's more convenient to have shorter one but having a long hair makes me feel more "pretty". HA-HA! But seriously right? Don't you just get the complete outfit feeling with your long curly/straight hair? You can even do hair flip the more sexy way! Okay, let's not talk about my hair it makes me sad. 

Hey, reader! I missed talking to you. It's been awhile since I wrote in this online diary! Guess what? I'm done with college and finally graduating this October! I've been really busy with my thesis and preparing for my business & work that's why I can't chitchat with you for the month. Anyway I have so much in store for you guys in september! I swear. I will really really really have gazillion of posts here! hahaha. Yes! Done with school meaning I CAN WEAR DRESS AGAIN!! I mean, I can wear dress to school but it has to be 3 inches from the knees (that is not even fashionable) + I can get to attend my blog events with even more appropriate attire (not my attire coming from school - as I always do since I'm just trying to fit in my blog events in school days.) 

I don't really get to do much sometimes, so I google random stuff that comes in my mind. And guess what? I saw this Dresses around! From having Long formal dresses to GRADUATION DRESS! Yes Finally, an online store who offers graduation dresses which I can wear for my night long party!  

Here is some of my chosen cocktail graduation dress that can make me look extra special on my special day/night! PLUS it is easier to dance! 

Super Lovin’ this white beaded dress together with my Chunky Strap Heel and safiiano bag from Zalora!!!!

You go try it out! There's a lot of dresses to choose from! 

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