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Learn something from blogging!

Who is Heidi Nazarudin? She is the President and Co-founder of Blogger Babes Asia. She is also a blogger and a former investment banker. In her pursuit of finding real meaning in her career life she left her life in Tokyo and tried many different things till she actually found her passion,Blogging. You can visit her blog at

Along with Ms. Heidi are the Enciso & Decena Sisters to give a talk on how to simple get started with a blog or vlog. Learning some tips and advises from this top bloggers in the industry open my mind again to not forget about blogging. I've been really having second thought lately to close my blog, but I just really can't take this out of my life.  Let's go back to the event, HA-HA. The event was full of long time and aspiring bloggers like my friend and Co Marketing mate at HollerMall Danica. She's going to start her blog anytime now at

 I was so happy to be able to see and mingle with my Clozette Family once again. It was super a long time since I had been able to attend events because of my busy schedule, nevertheless I was inspired by my co-bloggers talk on how to keep your blog on track. I also confirmed that every blogger has their time that they're actually too lazy to blog. 

My I can't contain the happiness that I'm feeling to be part of this inspiring event, really it didn't help me not only my blogging life but also in my Marketing life. I am currently drowning on paper works and marketing strategies at work. As all of you know, I am not a Marketing Graduate but I really enjoy marketing and I think this is where life is really taking me. 

I would also like to share my thought and what I learned on the talk with you guys who's being lazy and to keep your blogs on track. 

1. Make Draft blogs, atleast 2 - 5 blogs per day, so your creative juices wont me squeeze. 
2. Don't be lazy to attend events! Especially for an invite only event. 
3. Don't lose confidence.
4. Write and write and write.
5. Always think why you started blogging in the first place? 
last but not the list, the only thing that's stuck in my head

 (from Vern & Vernice)
- Why? If you're a fashion or beauty blogger. PANINDIGAN NIYO YAN!   You're a blogger, and you should really look as one! Even if your friends asks you 
"SO SAAN LAKAD MO?" " BAKIT GANYAN SUOT MO" Your only answer? 'Well guys, this is who I am" 

What I wore to the event: I wore something classy but not that formal look since I'll be meeting Heidi Nazarudin. 

Necklace: Edge Co 
Top: Lazada Fashion
Skirt: Clothedlalala
Bag: Get2GoBags
Flats: Asumague

And lastly, event won't be complete without some freebies and prizes! When I first arrive in the venue they asked us to finish the event, so we did!
 I wasn't really expecting to win anything other than that Asos Bag. 

but hey my luck is all over the place now! And guess what? I won a Shu Uemura new collection of their make up kit! 

I am not really into make up and other beauty products but I think this is a calling - a calling that I should stop asking my mom or my friends to do my make up for me during my events and photoshoots. HAHAHA! I just know how to put simple eyeliner, a messy mascara and a red lipstick also I use my lipstick as my blush on. 

Hope you learned a thing or two from me! 
Anyway, Special announcement, I will be doing something new on my blog & Me and my boyfriend have something in mind this October!
Stay tuned

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  1. How's the lipstick shades you got? Do you like it?

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