Bright day today!

5:48 PM

I used to complain about having bad days & stressful weeks. 

Why? I don't know maybe it's just my way to release all the negative energy inside me. I used to cry whenever things get sh*tty. I used to rant and curse so much as much as I want. My emotions has been a little all over the place for a while since I started working, all the stress and parents' expectations are scattered over my brain. Being so stressed brings depressions to you, yes you may not been diagnosed with it but everyone can feel it. Fighting it s like climbing a mountain, it's hard (even though I haven't tried it. ) - but okay, what I'm saying is, whenever I see pictures of people on the mountain I always asks myself, HOW DID THEY EVEN GET TO GO UP THERE AND ACTUALLY POSE FOR A PHOTO?? Okay so anyway.... back to climbing a mountain.. IT'S HARD and DIRTY and sometimes you just really feel like giving up and go back down, because seriously HOW are you ever going to get to the top of this mountain? and WHY do you even bother? but you still have to try right? Giving up is never an option, once you've reach that peak and you look over to all the beauty below, you remember the important things in life. You will know why you started to climb in the first place. 

 One day, i woke up in such a happy, childish mood today and i loved it. It's like i'm being transported to the past, in where I feel like playing outside or  like giving my barbie dolls a shower and a kiss from Ken. That kind of a bright day. 

Just remember that no matter what you are going through right now, there are better and happier times right in front of you just wait. 

Anyway, talking about Bright day, last night I received an email from Bloggys PH that I was nominated under the Beauty and Fashion Category. Thank you to everyone who nominated me. Hope you can support me if ever I get in the voting stage! 

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