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Movies, Travel & Music summarizes my world
Having not to update my blog from time to time doesn't mean that I have my own world. Simply because work has been really challenging for me these past months. Now, I want to tag you along with my world of wonder. I've been really stressing out on things right now, so I guess I need some break to unwind. 

First, Movies. one of my favorite movies for this year is WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, I recently watched this with my boyfriend since it somehow about music, but what I like most about this movie is that, no matter how hard they try to be in where they want to be in life, ending line is you won't get it until you strive harder. And what's worst? when your friends are the only family you've got left and they won't support you on this. This movie has shown true friendship like having your own family. They all did they best to support each other in any possible way. 

Second, Music. I've been drooling on Kina Grannis Lately. I've been listening to her since 2010 the release of Valentine. I remember playing this over and over again to the point that this might be the only song I know. Crazy me, I've always been like this to music, I play it over and over for days, weeks or worst, MONTHS. I don't get tired of music. I maybe the basic-est people on listening to music, but hey this is my taste! 

Third, Singapore. I've recently visited Singapore last August 2015 as my Grandparents graduation gift for me since I just Graduated this October 2015. I am a fan of traveling since I was in grade school. Even if it's just from my house to Makati or BGC or just Tagaytay. I'm happy with that. Since I started working my goal was to travel around the world, I kept on saving money and booking the lowest promo fares I can get just to be able to get where I want to be. I enjoy traveling so much, it takes my stress away. It literally makes my problems go away. Well of course, after a week or two it's back to reality. 

But this makes my World. Movies, Music and Travelling. With all the challenges I receive everyday, this makes my life Wonderful. 

Join me as I continue growing the wonder of my world!
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