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I've always wanted to get asked for prom again. How I wish I have friends in 3rd or 4th year High School now, but that's so weird they're like my brother's batchmate already. haha! 
Girls, Are you excited to ask for Prom? 
Boys, are you ready for your promposals? 

Prom is great with many things, it is also a chance to have one more night with all your schoolmates before high school ends. Prom is also the one that makes you sad for leaving highschool but hey! prom is also a chance to look AMAZING in a FANCY DRESS!
Two months to go and it's prom night again! Are you excited? Do you want to look something different? Do you want to look rather dashing? Do you want to stand out? 
Of Course you do! As I was searching for fashion inspiration -  caught my attention. They sell prom dresses fresh from UK. hmmmm for those girls who wants to be Queen Elizabeth here's your chance!

Here are some of the Prom dresses I would like to share and might help you with your window/online shopping. There are so many designs to choose from and it's actually cheap they have over less than 4,000 pesos!

Bateau Half Sleeve Floor Length Long Orange Prom Dresses
You can view other designs HERE

What I like about this dress is that you can also use it for weddings and formal events. They have more than 10 colors to choose from. Cool right? and guess what it will only cost you around 7,600 Pesos. 

Sweetheart Short tube Cocktail Dress
You can view more designs HERE

For some of you who doesn't like wearing long dresses, they also have cocktails! It's actually even easier to move with it. In addition to that you can also where this to a after party!!!! This is currently on sale at P4,200!

and lastly

Cheap A line Sweetheart Beading 
More items HERE

I can wear this all night! This will seriously makes me feel like a princess even though I'll go solo during prom. I don't care! My batchmates will surely ask to dance with me! 
Do you know that you can have this dress of only 3,700php?? 

If you have any questions feel free to comment down! 

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