Holiday shopping RUSH!

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I myself is not a fan of luxury bags, but for some reasons, like them having good quality and good designs I would agree to spend every centavos I have.

Holiday is not over yet!! For most of you just got your Christmas money means more shopping to do! Have you thought of giving your self a nice luxury bags in a lower cost? 
Know more about here! 

I travel the whole stretch of Aguirre since HollerMall is in the other side of my home. I've memorized mostly all the establishments I pass by two or four times a day the most. One time, before going to work I passed Laybare to have my monthly pamper day and I noticed this store "Get Luxury Boutique" - and so I checked them out on instagram out of curiosity [as mostly girls do] and I learned that they have been around for a year now. 

One free afternoon from work, I decided to visit there store since I saw my "goal" Kate Spade bag from their window - and guess what? They sell these Luxury bags a little bit cheaper than malls! I know most of us would like to have a less something on everything we want to purchase right? and of course with a good quality. 

They have brands like, Kate Spade, Furla, Victoria Secret, Longchamp, Tory Burch, Michael Kors and many many more! Get Luxury Boutique has been in Aguirre BF Homes for a year now, I'm surprised that I just saw them now but the owner Ms. Ria also has a store in 

Ruins BF Homes Hip2Shop stall 99. 

They also have Slippers, Perfumes, watches, shoes and many many more to choose from! 

These slippers will just cost you around  600php and it's already Old navy. I bet your bother's or sister's will love this very much!

I forgot what brand this is but I'm pretty sure that this costs around 3,000 - 4,000
So for all fashionista guys out there!! 

 As always people invest more from watches

If you want to visit there store they are located at Aguirre BF Homes, near Dela Rama, beside Laybare and Powder Room 

You can also visit their
Facebook Page: Hip2Shop
Instagram: @getluxury_boutique

You can also purchase from Ebay! 

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