Know how my day had been and how I ended it with #LuxNight

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For all workaholic ladies out that who always pushes themselves to accomplish as much as you can in a day, never stopping until you're done an excellent job. At the end of your productive day when all the lists has been ticked, don't you think you deserve a treat to yourself and indulge in what makes you feel special? 

Las February 2, at the House of Lux in SM Makati's Beauty Hall, Lux talked about how women of today deserve to trat themselves after a long busy day by bathing with perfume with Lux body wash.

 Brand Ambassador Sollen Heusaff (omg she is just super duper gorgerous!) together with the lux theme demonstrate d how to do this by launching Solenn's online fim showing her "Busy Days deserves #LuxNight and sharing a simple yet indulgent way to treat yourself. 

I have dealt with slow internet when I was to post this blog, this was supposed to be out last February 4, right before I head to borawan, and I couldn't get proper internet in the Island, so I am posting this now! let's have a Throwback Sunday shall we? 

I actually just ended my first #LuxNight experience! I've been using Lux for almost 3 weeks already from the day my Auntie who works for Unilever gave me boxes of Lux and I just realized that I've been using it the wrong way! I Usually use it every morning before I head to work, a little did  know that It's better to use it at night. I just tried it now, and I feel so stress-free indulging with it.

First off, I have listed my TO-DO's for today, it was really fully booked! Some was not in my list but I tried to find time to squeeze everything in. Seriously, running a business is not a joke. I actually feel like an adult for doing this at a young age. 

I have been finishing all my works till saturday since I'll be out till then for my borawan trip, which I just finished packing for. 

Now, it's your turn to give yourself a simple yet indulging pamper night by 
1. choose your preferred Lux Scent, 
2. You can indulge by 

- POUR a coin-sized amount of LUX Body wash on a bath puff
- RUB the bath puff to form a luxurious lather
- MASSAGE the bath puff all over your body to enjou bathing with perfume. 

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