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Well, for starters. I was a first timer! Funny me to be giving tips for beach camping when I only tried it once. You know what they say, you'll never know till you try. You have to do good and do better the next time around. 

Bikini from: IG: @biquiniph

This was a reversible bikini that shows the year's color! yay!! I can't decide wether to wear pink or mint, so i decided to wear both! We were just waiting for out boat to arrive so we can leave the island since it was raining hard, I actually took this 'tiis ganda' shoot while it's raining and it was so worth it! 

I went beach camping in Borawan Island, Quezon Province. Yes Borawan for you guys who still haven't heard of it, it's a combination of Boracay - Palawan scenery. I haven't been to both but when I was reading some blogs about Borawan, I learned that the sand is not finer and whiter than boracay but it still on my standards. I'm also the girl who gets so itchy when I'm in the beach, I think the sand, salt water & wind doesn't like me at all, so I always bring my alcohol around. Well, this doesn't take me away from the beach. And now this Beach camping was finally introduced to me, there's no way i'm backing out! 

There are still lots of Island in the whole stretch of Borawan, one of them is Kwebang Lampas and Dampalitan. We were able to visit kwebang lampas in our first day, and decided to do Dampalitan on our second day, unluckily it rained on the second day. It started raining from 2am(non stop), and guess what? since we're sleeping in a tent, the water went inside!!!! I can't even believe I fell asleep in the middle of the night, even if our tent became a swimming pool - it was also a good thing that we have our comforters and towels inside to absorb the water. It was a nightmare but it was also a fun experience for me. Anyway, just to forget that night, did you know that we got this deal for only 859 pesos in Metrodeal? So worth it!! 

So Anyway, I would like to give tips for beach camping based on my experience. 

Beach camping with FRIENDS. 
For starters, camping with friends is easier than camping with family. Why? 
- First you can carry your own backpacks, and don't have to worry for anyone but yourself! 

Tip #1: Pack normal and thin(depends) clothes. DON'T OVER PACK. Swear, atleast pack extra shirt. I'm one of the travelers who does over packing, and this is the first time I packed that is good for an overnight stay. 

(We have decided to take out this 500peso lunch in the city before we travel to the island.)

Tip #2: Bring canned goods, own utensils/plastic spoon and fork. If your beach doesn't offer cooking utensils, better bring your own also. The cool part in beach camping is the bonfire!! (but take note that not all beaches allows bonfire.)

Tip #3: Let the boat men do their job! Usually you will just see another island just in front of you, but they will go along way for you to see the scenery. You just have to enjoy the view! 

Tip #4: Pack Umbrella's (even if its really sunny & you're planning to get tan), pack raincoats, sunblock, glasses. Cause you'll never know how this bipolar weather strikes.  

(we just rented hours btw, so we need to pay extra for the tent, tent space has a fee also it costs us 200 for space and 300 for the tent)

Tip#5: Bring your own tent & sleeping bags! If you're not that 'arte' you can just use your towel to sleep on, well the sand is pretty mattressy feels, and you can use your bag of clothes as a pillow. so it's okay. 

Tip#6: Don't forget to bring first aid, mosquito repellents and other hygiene essentials. Better complete than sorry! 

Tip#7: Collect cool shells!! This is what I love most about beaches!

Tip#8: Last but not the least, enjoy everything! Forget your comfy bed and your house. Enjoy the beach, night sound of the insects & many more to be discovered when you go beach camping!

*please know that all photos are de-saturated for my website's branding*

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