Ended March, Just like that.

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I can’t believe that we’re in the 4th month of the year again, and Hello Birthday month – and I’ll leave that there. March, ended just like a snap, it’s has been a 31 days of ups and downs. I TOTALLY LOST TIME FOR MY BLOG.

Now, I’m writing to post a month long photo diary on how my March went!
To start with it, I've been the Erase's CRUSH NG BAYAN for the month of august, it was pretty amazing that there are still brands who does something like this (that doesn't make their brand cheaper or something)

I also attended Blogopolis:4D! It's my 2nd year attending this event and its getting big every year! This year they held it at Axon, Green Sun Hotel, with more speakers and guest. Also Aeropostale organized a fashion show - showcased by my co Bloggers!

I visited the newly opened Team Sir George Salon, BF Homes branch and had my hair colored and treated-even blonder than before!! Lucky me, the got what color I wanted, It's like my third attempt on getting blonde but other salons just fail! 

On March 18, I attended my one of my favourite time of the month, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Marks and Spencer along with nuffnang team invited me over to celebrate it with my co-bloggers & also speaker, Patty Laurel and Kelly Misa. My mom attended the event with me, she actually enjoys what I do as a part time blogger plus she learns stuff out of it. 

Ofcourse, I won’t let my #CDMTwelventures get ruined! I honestly, didn’t get to book a trip for this month since work has been really getting in the way, with the weekly business meetings and events to attend I didn’t know where to put my monthly travel on. Luckily, my family planned a trip during Holy Week at my Grandfather’s on-going construction resort at Tanauan, Batangas, It was just a simple trip compare to my February getaways in where I went to Borawan and Hongkong. 

This time in Batangas, I finally tried first ever trekking experience, well although I can’t stay that it was ‘that-trekking-venture’ but I got tired and it’s my first time! I can’t wait for my Grandpa to finish his resort’s construction, I think everyone will definitely love it!

Also, March is also full of shoot, business meetings and other in between that I can truly say that this month has been a roller coaster ride and I'm thankful that it's finally over and that It's already my Birthday month. (To be honest i'm kinda excited in turning 21, but that's just it!) - BE UPDATED WITH ME AND FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM AT @CHESCADEMESA Don't forget to turn on the notification post! :)

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