How old are you? No, let’s just not talk about it.

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Does aging makes a huge impact to your life? Well let’s all start to invest in our skin!

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I definitely got you with that title. Well I know that you are guilty of not sharing your real age when people asks you. How’d I know? Simple you clicked on my link! I’ll tell you one story in which I got in to personally, so a busy day at work on a Wednesday morning – we are going to shoot a TVC and as I were talking to our Models Mika Reyes & Aaliyah Benisano about our blogging and career life. Someone asked about the age (oops I think I was the one who started it). So Mika answered that she is 17 and Aaliyah was 16. So I was literally in culture shock, like I was feeling a 20 seconds of lifetime crisis when I heard of their age – like what the hell happened to my genes? I don’t look like that when I was in their age. So Aaliyah returned this question to me and I immediately said “Let’s Just not talk about it”. Hahah I mean I’m not that old, which I just turned 21 but hello they’re like 4 years younger than me but I look ‘losyang’ at my age. Well the reality is, just because someone is turning at a certain age doesn’t mean you have to look like it. After all I can share a product that after you try it you can tell yourself that “Age is nothing but a number”

Let’s all meet
Neutrogena,” a skincare brand that is highly recommended by dermatologists, is committed to help women battle the early signs of skin ageing. Everything you need to know about fighting wrinkles, dark spots, visible pores and dry skin, comes down to one thing: You have to invest in your skin, and the time is now.”

“As a brand that cares about the wellness of the skin, Neutrogena wants every woman to know that she can achieve younger looking skin with two easy steps – through hydration and sun protection.” Says Paul Dizon, Neutrogena’s Senior Brand Manager.

I personally tried the hrydro boost, when they called me up on stage. They put the Neutrogena brand on my right face and Brand X on my left face, Right after they put a foundation on my face. Honestly on my right face on Neutrogena Brand, my face doesn’t feel so saggy and sticky and it actually feels fresh on my face, however on the other side It feels so heavy and super sticky.

Let me tell you more about Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost line is designed to help increase the water content of your skin by replenishing its water supply and by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. This combination gives women that much-coveted smooth, supple and younger-looking skin.

What is the source for this?
A unique ingredient called purified hyaluronic acid allows the hydrating formula to be released continuously overtime that restores the skin’s moisture and moreover, targets the areas that need it most.

The Neutrogena products that are under the Hydro Boost line are:

1.      Hydro Boost Renewal Gel Cream, which helps fight dullness, visible pores and dry lines.
2.      Hydro Boost Mouse Cleanser, which effectively foams away impurities.
3.      Hydro Boost Essence, to help replenish and retain hydration all day long.
4.      Hydro Boost Renewal Serum, so skin looks best even without makeup.

Well now do you think your skin is safe since you know about Hydroboost? Well it isn’t still enough, if you’re more of an outdoor person or an everyday commuter. You still need to protect your skin from the sun! 
Nothing to worry cause Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF50+ is a dermatologist-tested formula that contains Helioplex Technology. It helps prevent damaging UVA rays from penetrating deep under your skin’s surface. The unique Dry-Touch technology helps leave a clean, lightweight and non-shiny finish which works up to three times better and lasts longer compared to other sunblock lotions. It is also lightweight and does not stick on the face.


During the event we also did Yoga class with teacher Isabel Dulay-Naval. One fact, IT IS MY FIRST TIME TO DO A YOGA. Though I have a yoga mat at home (I just stare at it tho). Well of course before we start we tried the Ultra-Sheer-Dry-Touch sunscreen. It amazed me how is it not sticky and how it turned out to be waterproof (I mean, because some of the sunscreen I’ve used when I sweat that much I see white sticky particles on my skin brought by the sunscreen and my sweat it self) – But for the Neutrogena sunscreen I still feel fresh right after that Yoga sesh under the sun! Definitely investing at Neutrogena and I am going to start now!

Photo's captured by: Dan Mangoba & Ayra De Guia

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