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Can flavor tell us more about ourselves than we think? Tell me the story of your #LoveAtFirstTaste and find out how to win gift packs from Knorr!

As experts in flavor, Knorr has discovered how our favorite flavors might mean so much more than previously thought, particularly when it comes to finding love. The research behind this new campaign spoke to 12,000 people in 12 different countries, on the ground breaking role flavors play in our lives. With 83% of responders claiming to be more attracted to people who enjoy the same food flavors as them, this fuelled the idea that your personality flavor can truly help in making a meaningful connection and determine the depth and quality of our various relations – whether with family members, friends and peers, or even romantic partners.  80% see flavor as an important part of their everyday life. In fact, 69% of find the idea of trying out new flavors sexy and exciting, and surprisingly, 73% of them would even most willingly give up social media first forever before sacrificing flavor. Putting these insights and research to the ultimate test, a social experiment campaign with a twist was created to showcase how flavor can be catalysts to life’s meaningful connections. In a short film entitled Love at First Tastesets of two complete strangers were paired up in a blind date on the basis on their love for the same flavors. The result? An entertaining film that underpins how each culinary experience and flavor creates distinct memories and feelings with people, discovered using the Flavor Profiler.

“Having studied the behavioural patterns behind food consumption for over 30 years, this research by Knorr validates something I have long suspected; that food and flavors are a window to our character and our flavor preferences offer a vital insight into our personality,” shared Greg Tucker, Flavor Expert and Psychologist. “So it is no wonder that when pairing up, we seek soul-mates who are also eat-mates, who like the same food and flavors that we do.”

Since I was young my mom always serve me a good Knorr Crab & Corn soup when theres nothing my appetite can take when I get sick. Since then it has been my routine, I usually ask my mom to cook one for me when I feel a little blue - that up until now. This is actually one of my favourite soups under Knorr. One thing I love matching with my food is their seasoning, (my favorite it the sinigang mix) it gives life to every recipe I serve to my boyfieeee and I think that my #LoveatFirstTaste story! 

What about yours? Do you have similar experiences with #LoveAtFirstTaste? Share your stories via Facebook and use hashtags #LoveAtFirstTaste and #CDMWears and you might get the chance to win an exclusive Unilever Foods gift pack! I am choosing three lovely stories on May 4! Make sue to make it lovely!

Ready to find out what your flavor profile is? Watch Knorr’s latest film Love at First Taste and be inspired on how strangers became match made in foodie heaven by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwx7NnPQ44UDiscover which one of the twelve flavor profiles you are! Take the Knorr Flavor Profiler at myflavor.Knorr.com and share your flavor personality with your Love at First Taste stories online using the official hashtag #LoveAtFirstTaste.


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